Top Tips for Matching a Shirt to a Suit

Top Tips for Matching a Shirt to a Suit - SM

An elegant suit is the best outfit option for many formal occasions. To look your best, you want to ensure everything you wear matches, including the dress shirt, shoes, ties, and even accessories. To help you with this process, we provide the top tips for matching a shirt to a suit.

Color Coordination

Color coordination is an essential part of matching your shirt to your suit. Since you don’t want the colors of your shirt and suit to clash, it’s helpful to know what colors look best together. Here are a few examples below.

  • Black/grey suit with a white/light blue shirt
  • Dark blue suit with a white/light pink shirt
  • Tan suit with a sky blue/pale pink shirt

Perfect Fit

For your formal style, your suit, tie, shirt, and the rest of the outfit should complement each other. Because your suit should fit your body perfectly, the shirt you wear should fit perfectly as well. A loose dress shirt with a tight suit would not match and would detract from your look. Since you can purchase bespoke men’s suits online, it makes sense that you can obtain tailored dress shirts online as well.


A patterned dress shirt is a great way to add a little more style to your look. However, you should make sure that the pattern colors and the shirt’s base hue match the suit. For example, a solid grey suit would fit nicely with white dress shirts that have purple, pink, or sky-blue stripes. The suit would not match with white dress shirts that feature olive green or brown stripes. If you’re confident when matching colors, a patterned shirt may be for you. If not, consider keeping it simple yet classic and elegant with the single-color dress shirt.

Now, you know all the top tips for matching a shirt to a suit. For your next special occasion, keep these tips in mind to wear perfect formal attire.