What We Do

Tailored to your precise measurements taken with our state-of-the-art 3D body scanner. Designed by your unique style with our rich selection of luxury fabrics. Customized from the smallest detail. Fits for any occasion, season or personality. Create your custom-made suit at Hive & Colony.

Formal or casual, our custom-made dress shirts will complete your look with an array of colors, patterns and textures to choose from with our standard of materials, craftsmanship and the perfect fit.

Fall or spring, face the weather in style with our custom-made coats, ranging from cashmere overcoats to leather jackets, suede bombers and so much more.

The perfect day needs the perfect look. From Black Tie Shawl Tuxedo to Beach Formal Linen Suit, we have it and you can create it. Bring in your party for private events and exclusive rates.

Take business attire to the next level. From Executive Suit to Casual Friday Blazer and Chinos, our light, durable and versatile styles will always keep you and your team comfortable and confident.

The Hive

Visit our showrooms and meet with our stylists to learn what we do differently and how we can turn you and your party into the best-dressed men in the room.