Hive & Colony combines fashion with innovation to guarantee all clients, regardless of body type or style preference, the perfect fit. In addition to manual measurements taken by our professional stylists, we use a state of the art 3D scanner that takes 300 different body measurements in just a matter of seconds and draws a body diagram that illustrates and visualizes posture, pose and stance. Once your garment arrives, we will invite you for a fitting to ensure everything is completed to your satisfaction. It’s not finished until it’s finished!


1. Visit our showroom to get your full body measurements. We use 3D scanning technology with a few manual measurements. For the most precise results, we ask that you take off your clothes and stay only with underwear and under shirt for the 3D scan. If you don’t feel comfortable with this though, don’t worry we can use the measuring tape to take all the measurements that we need. 2. The suit takes 4-6 weeks to produce. Once it arrives to our store, we will ask you to come back for a First Fitting. 3. The First Fitting involves you trying on the finished suit with one of our fit specialists. We will recommend small adjustments and alterations so that the suit fits just the way you want it to. 4. The alterations will usually take 3-7 days after which you can pick up the final product from the store or we can have it delivered to your house. 5. We will keep your final measurements so that next time you buy, you can just receive the final product straight to your house.


1. If you cannot come back to the store for a First Fitting and pickup, we can ship straight to your house. 2. Once you receive the product, you can try it on to see how it fits. 3. If you feel that it requires alterations, just go to a local tailor and have it fixed. We will reimburse you up to the following alteration allowance: $125 per Suit, $75 for Jacket, $50 for Pants, $50 for Coat and $50 per Shirt. Just have him fill out the Alterations Form and send to us with a picture of the receipt. 4. If the local tailor tells you that the product needs to be re-made, have him record the required changes and we will re-produce for you. Just re-send the old product to us and wait to receive the new one