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When you’re in the market for quality custom menswear in San Jose, CA, you’ll find the best options here at Hive & Colony. From our humble origins in New York, we’ve been on the cutting edge of the fashion world since our inception. With our unmatched customer service, we provide bespoke menswear for those who prioritize presenting themselves with class and sophistication. You won’t find the same level of customization and personalization anywhere else.


To the discerning eye, customized clothes and generic clothes are as different as night and day. Here at Hive & Colony, we truly understand the effect that the right clothing can have on someone. That’s why our process involves specialized technology that allows us to analyze the unique qualities and measurements of every individual who works with us. This process helps us create custom menswear perfectly suits each customer’s shape and style.

We take our dedication to providing great service to our customers just as seriously as we take the actual creation of our menswear. Crafting the best custom menswear in San Jose wouldn’t be possible without working closely with our clients to understand their needs. We offer exclusive wedding packages, special rates, and group billing options. In addition, we will custom tailor suits for each member of the group. We’re here to help make your memories last forever.

Wearing professional attire has always been—and likely always will be—the most effective way to impress your colleagues and business partners. Dressing to impress can help your business make new connections and acquire important leads. The way you present yourself in the corporate world ultimately aids in your future success. Get in contact with us today to book an appointment, and we will have your team looking as sharp as ever with our custom menswear.