Which Shoes To Wear With Every Color Suit

Which Shoes To Wear With Every Color Suit - SM

Are you wondering what shoes are best for a suit? In the same way that certain suits are better for some occasions, there are guidelines on what shoes go with different color suits. Fashion is all about creating and developing different options to match your personality and the style of suit you plan on wearing. There are basic colors and styles that you can pair to create a combination that falls into social standards, especially when you plan on attending a formal event.


From the various options you can find, it is essential to learn which shoes to wear with every color suit. Following these simple tips will allow you to make a more informed decision and learn how versatile a pair of shoes are before buying.


Black Suit or Tuxedo

For this formal option, the best color shoe with a black suit is black shoes because they will naturally pair and complement the whole outfit without taking the focus elsewhere. Black is the mix of all colors and lack of light, which people consider elegant, subtle, and sophisticated. 


Choosing a suit for a wedding depends on how formal and adequate the suit is for the occasion—the same considerations apply when choosing shoes. The best options for a formal event and formalwear are pointed black shoes with thin shoelaces or shiny black shoes for a tuxedo. Slip-on shoes for a formal event are acceptable but not preferred, and the most common type is square-tipped shoes with a small heel.


Gray Suit

This neutral and versatile color allows for playful choices where you can choose between different styles, colors, and mixes. Knowing what color shoes to pair with a gray suit is essential to match the energy and tone of the outfit. Ideally, you can pair it with black shoes, but that’s a safe choice; you can wear brown, black, red, or even sparkly shoes, depending on the event and the environment. 


Stores with custom suits in Charlotte, NC, and other fashionable locations around the US could help you select the perfect shoe for a type of fabric.


Navy Blue Suit

Black or brown shoes go with blue suits, and deciding between the two often depends on how formal the occasion is. Navy blue suits fall into a more versatile category because it is uncommon to wear blue shoes that would pair with this color suit. The best color shoes to pair with a black suit are black or brown, depending on the event and the main location. Black shoes give a more elegant and formal look, while brown shoes are elegant but approachable and warm.  


A monk strap or a brogue-type shoe is ideal for formal events transitioning from serious to informal, like a wedding or a holiday party. Pairing the color of the shoes with a suit and the belt is a must; there are standard colors for both so that you can find the exact match easily.


Learning which shoes to wear with every color suit will help you make a stylish and informed decision for your next formal event. Fashion is about choosing which pieces match best with your style, preference, and confidence. If you’d like more information on finding the right shoes, visit Hive and Colony in New Jersey for your next custom suit.