How To Choose a Suit For Your Wedding

How To Choose a Suit For Your Wedding - SM

There are only a few occasions in most men’s lives when they look as good as their wedding day. The day of your nuptials puts you and your significant other in the spotlight, so a bargain-bin outfit isn’t an option. Our advice on how to choose a suit for your wedding will make the day even more memorable.


Why No Tuxedo?

For a black-tie affair, there is rarely an excuse to show up in anything less than a tuxedo. Fortunately, most modern weddings are decidedly less formal than they once were. Wearing a suit instead of a stuffy penguin suit prevents men from suffering needlessly in their formalwear. Plus, the groom and groomsmen can wear the suit after the wedding for other occasions.


Color Options

Consider the color choices for the wedding and how each suit will match that color palette. For grooms who plan to wear their suit more than once, you should think about how the color will look apart from the bridal party. Using your accessories to achieve a pop of color can make an effective statement, but remember to keep the suit color tame to match the event's mood.


Accessorize Your Outfit

Accessories are where it becomes okay to showcase a bit of your personality. Matching shoes and a belt are a must, as are black socks, but other options afford you a bit more freedom to express yourself. A shirt that is a subtle shade of one of your wedding colors, paired with a tie and cufflinks that show off your personality, is likely to receive a positive reception.


Visit the Tailor

Once you have selected your suit, a trip to the tailor is in order. Even if you’re going with a suit that you already own, you should still visit a professional tailor, as they will be able to shape the suit to look even better. Many men will even take their wedding as an opportunity to purchase a bespoke suit, as this will ensure they look perfect for their big day. Remember that if you are struggling with how to choose a suit for your wedding, a tailor can help you stand out from the crowd.

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