The 5 Worst Suit Mistakes You’re Probably Making

The 5 Worst Suit Mistakes You’re Probably Making - SM

Wearing a suit is one of the best ways to feel confident about yourself, look your best on any occasion, and make an excellent first impression. It is essential to avoid certain things that could affect your appearance when you are wearing a suit; whether off the rack or custom-made, each option has details you need to pay attention to. The five worst suit mistakes you’re probably unintentionally making could damage your look and reputation.

Loose Pants

New trends come into play with time; even pants have seen changes over the years. In the 1920s, baggy and oversized pants were trendy because they were comfortable to wear at work and in everyday life. Today, thanks to new sewing techniques and the trend of clothes made to fit like gloves, the best way to present yourself is by wearing pants that fit your body perfectly.

Short Sleeves

Your button-down shirt and the sleeve of your suit’s jacket should meet at a specific point on your wrist. The button-down shirt should stick out half an inch from the coat sleeve when your arms are at rest.


Depending on your body type, the chest and back measurements of an off-the-rack suit may be perfect, but the sleeves might be too short. Make sure that you get your proportions right for a great fit, especially when it comes to a custom-made suit.

Lapel Distance

When you put on your suit jacket, you will immediately notice whether it’s too tight or too loose. And depending on the style of the coat, you might feel like it’s the right fit, but the lapels will say otherwise. The jacket’s collar should rest on your chest and not stretch apart. An off-the-rack suit might need some alterations if you see that this is happening.

Pant Length

A common suit mistake is not altering the length of the pants. While the waist fit is essential, you also need to know your height in relation to the pants. If they are too long, they will fold over your shoe, creating an unwanted wrinkle, and if they’re too short, your body proportions will look odd. 


When standing, your pants should rest one inch above the shoe, and when you’re sitting, the hem should raise two or three inches above your shoes, just enough for everyone to see your stylish socks.

Buttoned or Unbuttoned

As a general rule, you should always keep a suit jacket buttoned when standing and unbuttoned when sitting so that it doesn’t pull from the sides. For a two-button jacket, you can keep only the top button fastened and the bottom one undone. If you are wearing a three-button coat, always keep the middle button fastened.


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