The Benefits of Wearing Custom Shoes

The Benefits of Wearing Custom Shoes - SM

Did you know that you can have shoes custom made? Not the functional orthotic shoes that people with medical conditions need either. Stylish shoes made from fine leathers can be custom made for your feet. Bespoke men’s shoes are not only for the uber wealthy; the average man can have several pairs made by a master cobbler. If you don’t buy your suits off the rack, why would buy your shoes off the rack? There are benefits of wearing custom shoes that we will highlight here. Hive & Colony is the premier men’s clothier and maker of bespoke men’s shoes in Boston, New York, and New Jersey.

Increased Comfort

Mass-produced shoes are just that—made for the masses. Shoe manufacturers create a foot archetype and use that as the basis for every shoe they make. A compilation of different foot types is rolled into one generic foot so they can build shoes. All feet are not the same, just like no body type is the same. Custom-made shoes are designed for your foot and fit perfectly. No more aches and pains and wishing you could take the shoes off. Superior comfort and wearability is waiting.

Enhanced Foot Support

If you spend a lot of your day on your feet, on the go, then you are going to need support. Humans weren’t built to walk on hard, flat surfaces. The foot is made to walk on soft, rolling, constantly changing surfaces. We do this to ourselves, resulting in the inevitable sore feet. Custom-made shoes take the stress off the ankle, foot joints, and knees by giving your feet increased support that’s perfectly designed for you.

Get the Style You Want

The benefit of wearing custom shoes goes beyond function; there is form as well. You are an individual with your own style, your own preferences, and own taste. You should be able to express your individuality from your haircut down to your bespoke shoes. With custom-made shoes you can have the color, textures, leather, style, sole, and insole you want. There is not detail overlooked, and you are in control.

You Get What You Pay For

This adage applies to everything, everywhere. Paying discount prices for things means you will get discount quality. Paying extra for something specially made for you might mean a little more up front, but you’ll save money in the long run. As long as you don’t have a midlife growth spurt, you’ll never need another pair of shoes again because these will last a lifetime, a significant benefit of wearing custom shoes. Look at the pricing on the website. You can have custom shoes for the same price as some off-the-rack brands.