A Complete Introduction to Bespoke Shoes

A Complete Introduction to Bespoke Shoes - SM

It is the most elite category of shoe-making. As the name suggests, bespoke shoes are entirely tailored to the client's feet using the utmost precision. Therefore, only the most expert stylists, fine materials and skilled craftsmen are able to bring together such a feat. Bespoke shoes are no ordinary buy, but can turn into something extraordinary, timeless and one of a kind.


FITTING: We developed an intuitive yet sophisticated smartphone app that allows us to thoroughly scan your feet, get precise measurements and build the perfect fit. Forget about numbers - and create your own custom size.


STYLING: One of our personal stylists will be there with you from the first to final step. First, we'd like to learn about you needs (business or pleasure?). Then, we'll narrow it down for you in terms of styles (dress or casual?). Finally - and this is the fun part - we'll help you build it piece by piece. From shape to material, color, design, hill and sole - the choices are endless, but we'll make sure you pick the right one for each.


SOURCING: We source our exceptionally quality materials from some of the best mills and tanneries in the world, most notably Spain, Italy, France and England. After being carefully inspected, they are categorized into Fabric, Suede (Kid or Lux), Calf (Box, Polished or Painted), Grain (Painted Full or Painted Pebble) and Exotic Skins (like crocodile or ostrich).


CRAFTSMANSHIP: Our shoes are hand-crafted by craftsmen, some second and third generation in the business, in a workshop located in the Spanish village of Almansa. Just off the coast of Valencia, this is where all the magic happens. As soon as you have finished designing your shoes, the order is processed and the different materials are gathered according to the specifications. The fabrics, leathers and all other materials are then hand cut and sewed together. The insoles, cuffs and heels are finally nailed to give the form of the shoe. Once the shoe is polished and buffed to perfection, each pair is delicately wrapped and boxed to carefully deliver your custom creations.


What’s more is the art of patina – the creme de la creme of the whole bespoke process. The patina process of applying painstakingly by hand gradual layers of paint adds an aged and charmingly weathered feel to the leather which is further enhanced with time. The patina process forges an utterly unique finish to each pair of shoes. The result breathes individuality and can never be exactly replicated.


Bespoke shoes are more than fashion - they're art. Stop by or book your complimentary consultation today!