A Guide to Summer Suit Fabrics

A Guide to Summer Suit Fabrics - SM

Winter is finally yielding to spring, and very soon warm weather and sunny skies will be the norm. Warmer temperatures necessitate a shift in your wardrobe to lighter colors and fabrics. Black and dark-colored suits made from heavy wool fabrics will not do in the heat of summer. Store those suits and start shopping for lighter, more comfortable bespoke men’s suits for those long summer days and hot nights. A general rule to follow for summer fabrics is stick to natural fibers and avoid synthetics. Natural fibers breathe better and let body heat escape. We have a guide to summer suit fabrics for you so you can look great and stay cool all summer long.


Cotton is king and one of the most versatile fabrics available. From shirts to bedsheets, lightweight, breathable cotton surrounds us day and night, keeping us cool. For summer suits, the trick is to find cotton with open weaves, like poplin, seersucker, and panama. Poplin weaves present an understated look with an open structure for better breathability. Seersucker is woven to make crinkled stripes through the cloth. The crinkles keep the some of the fabric off the body, making pockets to help air circulate. This texture is the hallmark of a seersucker suit, so there’s no need to press it. The threads of a panama suit are crisscrossed, allowing for increased air circulation within the gaps.


Linen fabrics are breathable because they are made from natural flax fibers and produced in an open weave. That means your body’s heat can escape, while filtering in fresh air to keep you comfortable. Linen is also a naturally moisture-wicking material, helping you get rid of that moist, sticky feeling when you are hot. Bespoke suits made from linen will keep you cool when you need to look sharp in the dog days of summer. The drawback of this fabric is that it tends to wrinkle, but it offers a relaxed look perfect for summer. Blends behave the same way and are a tad more wrinkle-proof.


That’s right: certain wool constructions are appropriate for the summer months. Wool traps in heat in the winter but releases it in the summer. Mills will create wool fabrics with an open weave to make it more breathable for the summertime. One of these weaves is called hopsack. It trends toward casual and is crease-resistant. Summer-weight blend suits provide a cleaner silhouette when you need to look sharp and stay cool in the heat.