A Brief Guide to Styling Your Summer Suits

A Brief Guide to Styling Your Summer Suits - SM

Summer means ease and relaxation. Events during this season tend to be elegant but still relaxed and versatile. We have the perfect summer styling guide for your suits if you want to try new looks or learn how to complement your style. A suit will always make you look professional and elegant, no matter the event. Whether you are attending a summer wedding, graduation, or beach party, walk in confident and ready.

Summer Suit Material

Summer styling is about comfort and freshness. The composition of a suit and the materials used will determine how well it works for specific weather. Your summer suit should be lightweight and breathable with soft textures. These details are especially important when looking for a tailored suit in Miami, where the weather is warm. You can choose exactly what materials and colors work perfectly for your suit. The best materials for a summer suit are:

  • Linen—This fabric is the lightest you can find for a summer suit. It will keep you feeling fresh and comfortable due to the thinness of the material.
  • Cotton—This material keeps you cool when needed and warm when appropriate. Cotton suits come in different variations that complement any style.
  • Summer wool—Unlike traditional wool, fresco wool is perfect for summer and will keep you looking your best.

The materials for a summer suit will determine how good it works in warm weather. Check the materials for your custom suit or the label for your off-the-rack.

Bright Colors

Summer means you need to wear bright colors. An excellent way to style your summer suit is by adding bright and colorful details to your outfit. Avoid wearing a dark color suit because it absorbs the heat instead of reflecting it. The best colors for summer are:

  • Light gray
  • Baby blue
  • Light brown
  • Shades of red
  • Berry
  • Florals

Wearing a shirt and tie that complements these colors will complete your look. Consider every detail to show off your style.

The Best Accessories

Accessories will elevate your look and bring it full circle. The perfect accessories for your summer suit will naturally complement the fabrics and color of your outfit. These can include:

  • Sunglasses
  • Wooden tie bars
  • Colorful shoelaces
  • Cotton or linen ties
  • Cotton pocket squares
  • Colorful Socks

You can get creative by adding as many accessories as you want. Summer is the perfect season to try new things and accentuate your style.