How To Choose the Right Fabric for Your Suit

How To Choose the Right Fabric for Your Suit - SM

Buyers can choose from so many fabric options when purchasing a custom suit. You should pick one that compliments your form and is also comfortable and breathable for the occasion. Here is a guide for how to choose the right fabric for your suit.


A suit made of wool is definitely fashionable. As the most popular fabric choice, it is available in many different weaves, such as tweed, cashmere, and flannel. Wool is also very breathable, so it will be comfortable both in the office and at a wedding.


Another highly popular fabric selection, cotton makes for ideal suits for the summer because of how well the material circulates air. Cotton is also remarkably resilient and doesn’t take much work to clean. However, cotton suits can lose their shape over time, but you don’t typically have to spend much to replace them.


Generally much lower in quality than other options, polyester suits are made from a synthetic blend of materials to keep costs low. They are much warmer than other suits because they lack breathability.


Linen is the best material during the summer months. It is light and breezy, and works well for events in warmer climates. This fabric is great for those seeking a casual look, but it does wrinkle easily compared to other materials.


When choosing the right fabric for your suit, you must consider silk. Silk is a luxurious and comfortable material that will look great in any setting. It looks good on most body types, though it is a very expensive option.

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