What You Should Know About Linen Suits

What You Should Know About Linen Suits - SM

One of the big questions facing many men when trying to prepare for any event is, “What should I wear?” While it might seem like guys luck out and can grab the first suit they find in their closet, that simply isn’t the case. Designers use many different materials to craft suits for various situations and occasions. Linen suits, especially, are worn for certain occasions, like summer weddings, and may or may not be suitable for some formal events.

So how do you know when the right time is to choose a linen suit? And are they considered formal? Here is a closer look at what you should know about linen suits before buying one.

Why Buy Linen?
The first thing many men ask is when they will have the opportunity to wear a linen suit. The best time of year to wear one is in summer, when the lighter material is much more tolerable than other fabrics. Outdoor weddings and gatherings are the best occasions for them. Other less-formal environments, such as dinner dates, work lunches, and garden parties, are also appropriate times to wear linen.

What To Look For
One of the most challenging things about wearing a linen suit is that everything can go wrong in a hurry if the person wearing it isn’t on top of their game. One thing to look for is a partial lining to help reduce body heat while wearing it. Similarly, make sure the pants are unlined if you want to stay cool in the heat. You should also make sure the pockets in both the jacket and pants are on the small side to prevent bunching and wrinkles. Finally, look for wrinkles, and try to smooth as many as possible before you arrive at your destination.

What Goes With the Suit

How do you wear a linen suit? What shoes do you wear? Tie or no tie? Do you accessorize or kept it minimalistic? 

On the list of what you should know about linen suits, one element that is perhaps as important as how to wear the suit is what to wear with it. Knowing how to accessorize helps seal your fashion deal, so be selective when accessorizing. Stick with a linen dress shirt to keep things consistent. Wear a belt to help secure your pants in place because the loose-fitting material will likely slide down without one. Your socks should be (roughly) the same color as the suit, with a more formal shoe selection to complete the look.

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