Staying Sharp - Tips for Caring for Your Suit

Staying Sharp - Tips for Caring for Your Suit - SM

If you plan on wearing a suit regularly, you’ll need some advice on how to make sure it maintains its quality. Caring for a suit properly is more than just hanging it up. A great tailored suit can last for years if you take care of it with the right hangers, garment bags, and the correct maintenance. Read these tips for caring for your suit so that you can stay looking fresh for years to come.

Use Quality Hangers

Don’t use the same hanger you use to hang shirts. Invest in actual clothes hangers meant only for suits. Some men aren’t even aware that coat hangers vary in size to accommodate different suit measurements. For example, you probably need 22-inch hangers if you have broad shoulders. People with narrower builds should use 18-inch ones. Employing the correct hangers will allow your suit to keep its proper shape.

Create Space in Your Closet for Garment Bags

Suit garment bags are a must-have for custom suits. To protect your suit from moths and dust, you should keep it in a garment bag when it’s in your closet. But be aware that garment bags take up lots of space. One of the most important tips for caring for your suit is to make sure your closet has enough room. This way, garment bags don’t clump together.

Use Cedar

Cedar is a natural deterrent to any pests or environmental conditions that can damage your suit, and further, they can help preserve it. Cedar blocks and shavings can be great tools for maintaining your suits. The wood can: 

  1. Act as a moth repellent
  2. Absorb residual moisture
  3. Leave a pleasant smell on the textiles

These blocks and shavings are especially helpful if you have a moth problem, as each moth can lay over 100 eggs. Knowing how to keep these fabric-eating critters off your clothes is a must for anyone who wears a suit regularly.

Use a Horsehair Brush

People often think that responsible suit care involves frequent trips to the dry cleaners. But the truth is that excessive washing can do more harm than good. The chemicals that dry cleaners use can tarnish the natural fibers. Instead, wipe down your suit with a horsehair brush after every use. These are relatively inexpensive and can remove much of the gunk and lint on suits.

You can learn more about how to take care of a suit by exploring our other blogs. Make sure to book a fitting appointment at Hive & Colony if you’re considering bespoke suits in Philadelphia.