Tips for Preserving a Newly Purchased Suit

Tips for Preserving a Newly Purchased Suit - SM

A suit should be an investment. You should want to buy a high-quality suit that lasts many years, keeping you stylish as you gracefully age. However, the lives of many suits are cut short by their lazy or misinformed owners. In this article, we will go through several tips for preserving a newly purchased suit so that you can keep looking professional for many years to come.

Clean It

After you purchase the suit, you will want to get it dry cleaned. Anything that you want to remove from the suit, like stains, perfumes, or body odors, will be harder to get out the longer you wait. You do not want those to linger. However, do not dry clean the suit too often. That will cause the fibers to break.

Keep Critters Away

One of the most important tips for preserving a newly purchased suit is to keep moth larvae away. These disgusting little critters will hatch and immediately feed on any nearby fabric. If they get to your suit, they’ll ruin it before you know it.

To protect your suit from moth larvae, you should ideally store it in a cedar chest. If that is not a practical solution for you, you can try lavender. You might also want to consider mothballs, but just be aware of the danger they pose to children and pets.

Pick the Right Spot in Your Closet

If you decide to keep your freshly purchased suit in a closet, it is vital that you understand where and how to store it. You want to give it space to breathe. If your closet is full now, consider going through it and getting rid of unwanted pieces. Do not let unnecessary clutter damage your fresh, stylish suit.

You also want to keep the suit in a breathable garment bag. This will keep the fibers in their best condition. You should not use plastic garment bags because they are common places for mildew and mold. 

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