Common Suit Buying Mistakes To Avoid

Common Suit Buying Mistakes To Avoid - SM

A well-fitting suit is the cornerstone of any true professional’s wardrobe, but the process of buying one is more complicated than many people expect, especially if you’re buying a tailored suit. Common suit buying mistakes are widespread, unfortunately, if you’re not sure what to look for or if your clothier is inexperienced. There’s quite a few factors to consider when you’re suit shopping, like your budget, occasion, measurements, and even the stitching. 


No Purpose


Often, men don’t have a reason for making the purchase. There are a variety of occasions where suits are the norm, so keep the event you will be attending in mind. This applies to everything about the suit, including the materials, colors, and fit.


Lack of Budget


Another one of the most common suit buying mistakes to avoid is not establishing a budget. The average cost of a tailored suit can be pricey, ranging in price from a few hundred dollars to north of $90,000. While the price may serve as a prediction for quality, you should still maintain a reasonable budget based on the event. 


Bad Measurements


Accurate measurements from a tailor can often be the only thing standing between you and an ill-fitting suit. It’s a universal truth that you will look better in a less expensive tailored suit than an ill-fitting pricey option. This is why the measurements taken by tailors and store associates are so important. While bespoke men’s suits are lovingly crafted to meet your exact specifications, tailors can also adjust and resize suits from the rack.


Poor Accessorizing


Once you have your measurements, you can turn your attention to suit accessories. When preparing accessories to go with a suit, keep things simple. Stick to a maximum of 3 pieces and avoid anything particularly flashy. You should also consider the quality of the accessories and try to match them to the appropriate suit.


Leaving Tags or Stitching


Tack stitching is included in many off-the-rack suits, helping to preserve the suit’s appearance during transit. Leaving these stitches is like leaving the tags on your clothing. And speaking of tags, leaving the label tag on a suit is one of—if not the—biggest mistakes you can make when buying a suit. Take precautions when removing the label tag to avoid damaging your suit.


If you are ready to make the leap into the world of bespoke attire, the professionals at Hive & Colony are here to help. Our hard-earned knowledge is thoughtfully expressed through the suits of every one of our satisfied clients. You can also learn more about how to avoid the pitfalls of common suit mistakes by exploring our blogs.