The Importance of Accurate Measurements in Tailoring

The Importance of Accurate Measurements in Tailoring - SM

There is nothing quite as dashing as a man in a well-fitting suit. But you can’t simply pick up a great suit from the rack of the department store in your local shopping mall. A truly fantastic suit involves a series of measurements that allow for the tailor to make the adjustments necessary. Here is more on the importance of accurate measurements in tailoring.


The most important element for any article of custom clothing is the style of the piece. Getting the measurements wrong by even a small amount can have disastrous effects on the garment, throwing off the style of the entire ensemble. For example, if the jacket sleeves are too long, it can make the wearer appear childish and small. Broad shoulders can make the jacket appear borrowed.

Prevents Waste

Another reason to care about the importance of accurate measurements in tailoring is to prevent waste. For each suit, the tailor requires certain supplies, but there does come a time when they might run out of materials. Or the tailor may not have the supplies necessary to add fabric to a suit. Try to stay mindful of this when making adjustments to your garments.


The final thing to think about is the value you are getting from the work. A tailor is taking the time to create a piece specific to you. This will allow you to look great in the suit and can help with preventing damage to the piece. A well-fitting article of clothing is less likely to be damaged by stretching than one that is ill-fitting. There is also the possibility of popping a seam or a button if the garment is too small.

At Hive & Colony, we have the experience and skills to craft or alter the perfect suit for any occasion. We are the premier custom tailor in New Jersey and New York and use a state-of-the-art measuring system to create a unique garment just for you.