Center vs Double Vents for Suits: What To Choose

Center vs Double Vents for Suits: What To Choose - SM


Sporting a tailored suit can do a lot of things to make a man feel better about himself, but one thing it will limit is mobility. This is where vents on suit jackets come in handy, allowing extra movement for the wearer. There is some disagreement on the proper placement of vents upon the jackets, however. But which is better: a center-vent suit or a double-vent suit? Here is more information on the center and double vents for suits and what to choose when at the tailor.


A vent is an opening present in the back portion of a suit jacket and its purpose is to decrease how much the jacket restricts the movement of the wearer. Depending upon the placement of the vent, it can change how the suit fits as well as how much additional movement is available. While leaving it without one is a possibility, a vent-less jacket is usually reserved for those with a tall, thin frame who aren’t bothered by the movement restrictions. This is why many people have questions about center and double vents for suits and what to choose. 


A center vent, sometimes called a single vent, is one where the coat has a split up the middle in the back. There is only one split on these jackets, which are commonly associated with the iconic American style. Center vent jackets are easier to find in stores and are much more mainstream than vent-less and double-vented suits.


Double-vented or side-vented jackets are a bit harder to come by, but that doesn’t make them any less dashing. On these coats, there are two vents in the back, creating a much stronger fashion statement seen as having a higher value. Side-vented jackets are perceived as being decidedly British, and a double-vented suit jacket can give a posh appearance.


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