Dressing for Your Body Type: 4 Things Men Should Know

Dressing for Your Body Type: 4 Things Men Should Know - SM

Understanding the different body types will get you closer to dressing the right way to enhance your natural shape. Dressing your body is not just a requirement; it also is a way to express yourself and a part of your lifestyle that involves your daily activities.


There are things men should know when dressing for a body type that will transform the way they perceive clothes. If you want to improve your wardrobe, learn about your best options. The next time you go shopping, focus on details that will emphasize your best features.

Recognize Your Body Type

Everyone has a different body type, resulting from many factors, like genetics and exercise. Identifying the shape of your body will help guide you through the shopping process; with this information, you will know if a certain fabric or form works for you.


Men’s body types are commonly categorized into five geometric shapes: a rectangle, triangle, trapezoid, inverted triangle, and oval. Each has different features which compare the size of your shoulders with your waist size.

Proportional Sizes

The ideal proportions of clothing, like suits, have specific measurements that increase or decrease as a whole, but sometimes your body needs a particular size. After recognizing your body type, you need to know your measurements; this is crucial when buying an off-the-rack suit.


Another great option to dress your body when you don’t have the standard measurements is a custom-made suit. Professionals in the fashion industry know how to work perfectly with proportions and sizes. Stores with custom suits in Miami and around the country can help you achieve greatness with the right suit.

Adequate Style

Fashion trends tell people how to dress, which colors to wear, and what accessories to pair a style with. Some trends are not ideal for everyone, especially when the clothes are tight around certain body parts.


The concept of “skinny” jeans and dress pants does not work for most of the population; you can dress any way you  like, but know that your body type will appreciate a comfortable style.

Prints and Colors

Some details in clothing make a big difference; when the shape and cut are the same, but the prints and colors are different, other features will be accentuated. Neutral colors and basic patterns are the best way to go when dressing your body type. If you want colors and patterns, make sure the design is vertical, especially with stripes and bright