4 Ways Men Can Wear a Dress Shirt on Casual Occasions

4 Ways Men Can Wear a Dress Shirt on Casual Occasions - SM

Fashion is a way to express the best version of yourself with elements that make you feel comfortable. How people perceive you can have a huge impact on how they treat you and looking your best is your best introduction. But you can still look great while wearing a casual dress shirt.


Different clothing items fit different occasions, especially when attending events such as weddings, trade shows, or fundraising parties. Clothes have more versatility when you accessorize them with the right elements and can open the door for new opportunities to present yourself. These four ways men can wear a dress shirt on casual occasions will teach you how to change your style to adapt to different situations.


Pair It With a Sports Jacket

There are many ways to wear a dress shirt casually, including with a sports jacket, as this is a classic pairing. Sports jackets are the best way to achieve a casual look while maintaining an elegant style. Wearing certain accessories with your dress shirts can either tone down or amp up a look; learning how to do this will put you ahead of the game. A white dress shirt is perfect for pairing any sports jacket. You can wear this outfit to Sunday brunch, a day out with the family, or a casual dinner party. 


Wear It Tucked With Jeans

A pair of jeans is the most popular clothing item in most parts of the world. Blue jeans with a tucked shirt and rolled-up sleeves are a great way to tell the world you care about how you look, but you are still approachable. Depending on what event you are dressing for, you can always accessorize your look with causal or dress shoes to instantly transform your style.


Style It Using Accessories

Men’s accessories can also make a casual dress shirt look great. A dress shirt pairs best with suits because they convey a message of power and elegance like no other outfit. Bespoke retailers offering tailored suits in Charlotte, NC, and around the U.S. have specific accessories you can wear to give your dress shirt a more casual look. Accessories such as colored bowties, suspenders, patterned pants, socks, and belts can help you achieve a casual and trendy look. 


Choose Another Color

You have different suit colors to choose from, so why always go with the same color shirt? A white dress shirt is a symbol for cleanliness, professionalism, and formality; however, you can achieve these same goals with other colors. The best colors to transition a dressy outfit to a more casual look are blue, gray, and black. Remove your tie, unbutton the top buttons, and take advantage of these colors when you want to wear a dress shirt on casual occasions. 


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