What To Consider When Choosing Suit Colors

What To Consider When Choosing Suit Colors - SM

Men who do not know what to consider when choosing suit colors run the risk of dangerously over or underdressing for their next big event. In this article, you will learn how to avoid common suit mistakes. Hopefully, with the advice found here, you will look like the perfect gentleman the next time you need to strut your style.

The Occasion

Professional occasions call for a black suit. If, for instance, you are dressing for a job interview or an office presentation, your first option should be black. Gray suits may also be suitable. When you are dressing professionally, the goal is to limit the flashiness of your clothing. You do not want any unique colors or patterns to distract from your presence.

For weddings, your suit will likely match the event’s theme. However, if the wedding has no theme, you should default to charcoal gray or black. If it is an outdoor wedding on a sunny day, white might be a fair choice.

The Weather

When looking at the factors for what to consider when choosing suit colors, you should not ignore the weather. In most cases, you want your dress to match the climate. On sunny days, you should try to balance the light with white-striped or yellow suits. On colder days, go with cool-colored or even dark suits. Heavier shades of gray, black, and blue match well with those dark, cold days.

Time of Day

Much like how you choose the suit color to match the weather, the way you dress should also reflect the time of day. When it is earlier in the morning or afternoon, khaki and other light suit colors are the better options. However, as it gets later and darker outside, men should adopt darker shades of black, gray, and blue to match the ambiance.

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