3 Essential Suits You Need in Your Wardrobe

3 Essential Suits You Need in Your Wardrobe - SM

There comes a time in every man’s life when owning a suit is necessary for different reasons, such as work events, parties, and elegant dinners. There is a suit for every occasion, and colors, fit, and size influence how you look and how others perceive you. These are the three essential suits you need in your wardrobe to look your best for any occasion.

A Custom Suit

A perfectly tailored suit is one of the most lavish luxuries in life. There are so many reasons to invest in a bespoke suit. Imagine a full-body glove that gives you mobility and comfort while at the same time looking great. One of the best colors for a custom suit is gray. This color is versatile and works for both day and night. Pair the suit with a colored shirt and tie that highlights your personality.


We at Hive & Colony tailor custom suits in Washington DC and around the United States to provide you with a perfect suit that reflects your style and gives you the confidence to tackle any task.

Patterned Suit

Perfect for parties, a patterned suit reflects more of your style and personality. Monochromatic suits are professional and easier to match; a patterned suit allows you to mix and match with more options and will get you noticed at your next event. Break away from the norm and wear a suit that makes you feel your best.

Navy Blue

A lot goes into choosing a suit color. Navy blue is one of the most popular suit colors, and for a good reason. This color represents confidence and calm, perfect for business and work events. Add this essential suit to your wardrobe as it can impact your career. You will be dressing for success. 


Blue is a cold, versatile color; you can pair it with different shades of blue, neutral colors, earth tones, and complementary colors. It works for any occasion with the right pairing and delivers a message of confidence while keeping you looking approachable.


Choosing the right suit from several options will give you the confidence to go after everything you want. Always looking professional and ready will give you the power to stand out and build a better future.