Winter 2021 Mens Dress Fashion Trends

Winter 2021 Mens Dress Fashion Trends - SM

As the cold weather sets in, men across the country are experimenting with new ways to show off their style while still staying warm. In the winter 2021 men’s dress fashion trends, you will see some of the most daring looks this season. From sandy tones to leather, turtlenecks to varsity jackets, the variety of styles is truly remarkable.


Leather almost never leaves the cultural zeitgeist. This year, leather jackets are a certifiable fashion staple. The Matrix-esque long coats are very current while also taking us back to the styles of the 1990s.

Geometric Knitwear

Knitted jumpers are among the winter 2021 men’s dress fashion trends because they are some of our best barriers against the cold, harsh temperatures. They historically come in a wide variety of patterns, but this year, they tend to angle toward geometric shapes. Especially if they are adorned on an oversized sweater, geometric knitwear is the style of the season.

Varsity Jacket

The image of the all-American high school or college athlete has subtly become a popular archetype in the movies we see, the TV shows we binge, and even the clothing we wear. It should come as no surprise, then, that this style has infiltrated men’s fashion in winter 2021.

Sandy Tones

The elevated sandy tones of men’s fashion this season are based on safari influences. Straddling between brown and beige colors, this look has a lot to offer. It is chic and very much in line with the styles of the 1970s.

Upgraded Trench Coat

Trench coats stand at the very height of fashion this season. Although this traditional essential is usually linked to the First World War, it remains a popular fashion statement. The most popular looks are leather or have a subtle check pattern.


If you are looking for a smart way to stay warm this winter, turtlenecks are a stylish, practical approach. Consider wearing one that’s stretchy and colorful.

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