What To Consider When Buying Custom Made Overcoats

What To Consider When Buying Custom Made Overcoats - SM

As the days get shorter and the nights get colder, it becomes increasingly likely that your business suit won’t be enough to protect you from the winter’s chill. Having an overcoat that is functional as well as fashionable can make those months much less drab and much more fab. Here is what to consider when buying custom made overcoats.

Style of Overcoat

The most important part of selecting an overcoat is to choose a style that suits you best. Remember that length is generally determined by the overcoat’s style. Here are four of the most popular styles.


The grandfather of all overcoats, this style was first created for the Earl of Chesterfield in the mid-1800s. It features a single breast fly front, straight side pockets, and a single back vent. Chesterfields do not have any waist seams or cuffs.


Originally designed to be fashionable while being active outdoors, a covert overcoat is constructed from the sturdy covert cloth from which it derives its name. This style is almost always a brownish-green color and has a single-breasted fly front. These coats also have a large poacher’s pocket that is perfect for concealing large items inside your coat.


Invented in the trenches during World War I, the trench coat now mostly serves as a defense against rain. These jackets are typically double-breasted and feature epaulets and cuff straps to help prevent water from soaking the wearer.


Finally, we have the Paletot, a style first popularized in France that is shorter than other overcoats. It can be double or single-breasted, but it must have peaked lapels. Paletot coats come in fitted and semi-fitted varieties but do not have a belt as some other overcoats do.

Fabric Choices

The next decision that you will make when ordering a custom overcoat is the fabric that it will be made from. You want to choose one that will hold up to wear while still offering a professional appearance. Common materials that overcoats come in include worsted wool, wool flannel, leather, tweed, waxed cotton, and cashmere.

Color Selections

Your color choices might be partially restricted by your fabric choice, but some colors look good no matter the style. You will probably want to choose something timeless, so current fashion trends don’t prohibit you from wearing the coat. Popular choices include dark blues, charcoal, tan, and dark grays.

Things to Avoid

Just as there are desirable things in an overcoat, there are certain features to avoid as well. One thing to avoid is buying off the rack because you want to make sure your coat will properly fit your form. You should also stay away from overcoats that combine styles. Finally, zippers on an overcoat are a cardinal sin in the fashion world, so stick with buttons.

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