Wedding Essentials for the Groom

Wedding Essentials for the Groom - SM

Preparing for your wedding day as a groom is one of life’s great challenges. A simple slip of the mind early in the morning could end up ruining the day quicker than an uninvited ex at the ceremony. Here is a list of wedding essentials for the groom that will help ensure that the wedding goes off without a hitch.

The Right Suit

It isn’t just the bride who deserves to look good in all of those wedding pictures. Choosing the right suit can help set the tone for the entire wedding day. Ensuring that you pick a suit with the right fabric for the time of year, colors that match or complement the wedding colors, and a style that matches the formality of the wedding are all important aspects to consider. Finally, make sure that you select the suit early enough so that any alterations and adjustments can be made in time.

Pre-Wedding Preparedness Kit

Aside from wedding attire, there are several items that a groom can provide to help calm everybody’s nerves. Having emergency kits for the bridal party that includes necessities like shaving equipment, deodorant, and a toothbrush and toothpaste can help avoid any undue embarrassment. Gifts for the groomsmen are also a great way to show appreciation to those who will be standing with you. Some grooms also like to surprise their soon-to-be significant other with a note or letter of appreciation to help calm her nerves as well. It is also common for meals to be skipped on the day of the wedding, so make sure to have some light refreshments for the bridal party.

Surviving the Ceremony and Reception

It is easy to assume once the ceremony and reception have begun that everything is taken care of, but this couldn’t be further from the truth. Ensure that you have the marriage certificate ready for the officiant and witnesses. The groom should be sure to verify who is to be in charge of the rings to avoid searching for them during the wedding. It can also be helpful for the groom to ensure that he has cash on him if there are plans for a cash bar at the reception. It can also help to have travel arrangements made in advance to avoid anybody from driving under the influence.

These wedding essentials for the groom are sure to help you enjoy what will be one of the most memorable days of your life. Look your absolute best by scheduling your fitting with the top New York bespoke tailors at Hive and Colony.