Tips for Choosing a Wedding Suit

Tips for Choosing a Wedding Suit - SM

The wedding day is all about the bride. Everything about the day is designed by, and for, the blushing bride. That’s fine—the day should be about her and making it everything she wants. The centerpiece of the day is the wedding dress. All eyes are on the dress, and the conversation will be how lovely she looks and how amazing the dress is. For the groom, well, there isn’t much to do other than show up smelling good, teeth brushed, and looking sharp. Get something out of the day and pick out a great-looking suit that you can wear beyond one day. Your wedding day is the best time to get bespoke menswear that fits and looks great. When the time comes, use these tips for choosing a wedding suit, and choose wisely.

Buy Your Suit

Most grooms just rent a tuxedo for the day. It’s easy, it’s quick, and all you have to do is ball it up in the bag and have someone drop it off for you. This isn’t the high school prom, though; it’s your wedding day. A rented tux never fits well, dozens of other guys have worn the pants, and they make you look dumpy and frumpy. Buy a custom-tailored suit that will make you look like a million bucks. The investment will go beyond a few hours on a single day. You own the suit and can wear it as long as you can fit into it.

Make the Suit Fit the Day

When getting fitted for the suit, remember that it’s for your wedding day, not for the board room. Don’t get something that looks like you are giving the projections for the third-quarter earnings. Get an elegant black three-piece suit and shell out a few more bucks. It will be worth it in the long run.

Choose a Quality Fabric

Rental tuxedos and off-the-rack suits aren’t made from the cheapest fabrics, but they’re close. The fabric a suit is made from sends it to the next level. A skilled tailor can make a bespoke suit from any kind of fabric, and they usually have many different kinds to choose from. Take a look at everything they have and listen to their suggestions. It’s their business, and they know what will look the best.

Add the Accessories

Men don’t have as many accessories to add to their wardrobe, so you must make them count. Wear a French cuff shirt and wear cufflinks. The right pocket square and tie combination will set the suit apart, as will a sharp tie clip. Play around with color combinations but always keep it classy and refined.