The Right Way To Wear Suspenders With Style

The Right Way To Wear Suspenders With Style - SM

There are different ways you can style a look with accessories to cover your needs and add an extra touch of personality. For a long time, suspenders have been a unique way to hold pants in place with a simple mechanism that offers support and looks suave.


If you want to try adding a distinct accessory to your outfit, especially when wearing a suit, you must learn the right way to wear suspenders with style. You can choose from various types, and it’s essential to learn how to properly attach them and show them off.


Don’t Wear a Belt

Suspenders take the place of a belt because they hold up your pants, preventing them from dropping or shifting with movement. This accessory has an adjustable strap that allows you to adjust the length so your pants stay put with a comfortable fit, replacing a belt. Belts secure around your waist, and while sitting for a long time, they could become uncomfortable; suspenders wrap around your shoulders with a lightweight and soft elastic band.


Match Your Shoes

Matching the style and color of your shoes is essential to elevate your style and complete a look. There are various styles of suspenders, from formal to casual. Depending on the type of event you will attend, you can accessorize differently. For a formal event like a wedding or a business meeting, match your shoes perfectly; for a more casual event, you can wear flashier and more daring designs.


Width Consciousness

Like color and style, the suspenders bands come in widths suited for different types of events. Opt for skinnier straps with classic attachments and metal details for more formal events. Clothing stores with custom suits in NJ will have the best options to match a custom-made suit or formalwear for any event.


Suspender Type

You can find classic-style suspenders with different clip types or modern options to reflect a more avant-garde style. Wearing suspenders with style involves choosing between clip and button suspenders, depending on the clothing style. Clips are more formal; they attach to any part of the pant, but you must ensure to keep them balanced and even. Button attachments require pants to have interior button loops, but you can also wear them with jeans.