The Main Differences Between a Tuxedo and a Suit

The Main Differences Between a Tuxedo and a Suit - SM

Formal events have different dress codes. You could probably get away with dressing in traditional formal attire, but the right outfit depends on many details. Going to a party or event that takes place more than once a year with people you know requires a suit, but a unique event requires a tuxedo.


The main differences between a tuxedo and a suit come from their construction and the way in which they are styled for various events. There are different situations in which both options work, but some events are better suited to one style over another.


Fabric and Materials

One of the main differences between tuxedos and suits is that the details of tuxedos often feature luxurious fabrics that accentuate certain parts of the garment. Satin linings, lapels, and buttons create a more sophisticated look that elevates the entire ensemble. The use of this fabric in the tuxedo’s details complements the elegance of the base materials, such as wool.


Suits have a more traditional look, with plastic buttons and no mix of fabrics. Suits are made using materials such as cotton, linen, or polyester mixes. Depending on the fabric, these garments have a wider range of use for different events; some might be less expensive than others, whereas tuxedos are always in the higher range.


Cut and Shape

Suits come in different shapes and cuts that allow you to personalize your style and contour the garment to your body to feel your best. Some suits may feature a cross-button jacket, wide lapels, one to three buttons, and different colors to choose from. Suits are versatile enough that they can work well for any number of events while still looking classic and formal.


Tuxedos have a more conservative and traditional cut, featuring long lapels with one button on the jacket. Tuxedos are usually worn with a cummerbund to complete the look, adding to the shape of the garment on your body. Stores with bespoke suits in San Jose and around the US have the perfect selection of tuxedos that you can choose from to look your best.


Adding Accessories

Tuxedos are the most formal and elegant garment you can wear to an event, while suits are more versatile with fewer limitations. The way you accessorize a suit highlights your personal style through elements like ties and bowties, belts, shoes, and more. Tuxedos are similar to a uniform that you wear to important events; they come in black or white and are often accessorized with a bowtie and shiny shoes.


The main differences between a tuxedo and a suit come from the materials used to create them and the events at which each are acceptable. You can never be overdressed for a formal event, but underdressing is something you should always avoid.