The Best Shoe Material Options

The Best Shoe Material Options - SM

The indisputably worst part about buying a new pair of shoes is trying to find a pair that fits your personality and your wardrobe. Too often, the selection at retail and department stores leaves us disappointed, and we’re forced to settle for a loafer that’s neither fashionable nor comfortable. But a custom-made pair of shoes is just the solution for the sorrow in your soles. Here are the best shoe material options for your new bespoke men's shoes.

Flashy Leathers

By far, the most common materials used to make custom shoes are the shinier leathers and suede leather. Leather shoes are easy to clean and look great for any formal occasion. There is also a large variety of color and design options to create a signature look.


Patent leather is a classic look that is perfect for everything from a business meeting to a wedding. This style has a very glossy finish, and the leather is often firm or rigid.


Calfskin leather is a very soft leather with a fine grain finish. Along with being incredibly comfortable, the material is also exceptionally durable and holds up well to wear.


Grain leather is made from the strongest, most durable part of the hide. Shoes made from full-grain leather will age noticeably better and are more water-resistant than lesser leathers.

Suede Leathers

Suede shoes represent the opposite end of the flashy scale from leather, featuring a more subdued look that is more befitting a backyard barbeque than a formal dinner. For a shoe material that’s appropriate for those relaxing evenings with friends in the backyard, here are the two most common kinds of suede.


Kid suede is still leather, but it comes from a goat rather than a cow. The suede in these shoes is lighter than other leathers but will also be less durable as a result.


Lux suede is a faux suede made from synthetic or recycled materials that resemble regular suede. This material is remarkably durable and holds up better to wear than other suede alternatives.

With all these materials, it can be hard to determine the best shoe material option for your custom shoes. At Hive & Colony, we are here to help you every step of the way to ensure that your new shoes are the most comfortable pair you’ve ever owned.