The Best Personalized Father’s Day Gifts

The Best Personalized Father’s Day Gifts - SM

The calendar has turned to June, and the third Sunday in June, as usual, is Father’s Day. It’s the day of the year that Dad gets to do whatever he wants with no opposition from the family. Father’s Day is the time to tell Dad and show him how much we love him and appreciate all he does for the family. You can do that by mowing the lawn, making breakfast, or cleaning the toilet because Dad always appreciates physical work. Or you can get him an amazing gift, something that he’s never had before. Get him some custom-made, bespoke threads this year and show him a level of class and sophistication he dares not dream of. The best personalized Father’s Day Gifts are available at Hive & Colony!

Custom-Made Suits

Take Dad in for a custom fitting and get him a tailor-made suit. Off-the-rack suits are made for no one and never fit right. A custom-made suit fits perfectly and makes the man look like a million bucks. He can choose from hundreds of luxurious fabrics in different colors, textures, and patterns. However he wants it made, three-piece, two-button, or wide lapels, the only limit is imagination.

Bespoke Shirts

A custom-made suit can be worn with only a custom-made shirt, and vice versa. Hundreds of colors and fabrics are available. Don’t waste time getting fitted for a custom suit and pairing it with an old, dirty-collared cotton shirt. Class begets class, so get the custom shirt to go along with the suit.

Custom Coats

Get Dad ready for autumn with a custom-made overcoat. Face the inevitable cold with a stylish, custom-made overcoat. Rich, warm fabrics will protect the new suit and shirt from the snow and rain and make Dad look great. Layer in the warmth with the finest fabrics imaginable.

Custom Made Shoes

Custom-made from head to toe, literally. If you really want to blow his mind, get Dad a pair of custom-made shoes. He won’t believe all the love. Dad can design his own shoes, made from the finest leathers in the world. The patterns are made, and the leather pieces are sewn together by hand so that the shoes fit perfectly. Custom men’s dress shoes are the last, best detail to the handcrafted new look for Dad.