The Best Color Dress Shirts for Men

The Best Color Dress Shirts for Men - SM

Although we tend to think people learn how to dress themselves at a young age, the truth is that developing a sense of style can take decades. To help men understand the basics, we’ve compiled a guide to the best color dress shirts for men. If you do not have these shirts in your closet right now, perhaps now is the time to consider adding them.

White Shirt

This almost goes without saying. White shirts are a staple of men’s fashion primarily because of their versatility. You can wear a white shirt with a black suit, blue suit, white suit, or even a burgundy suit. No matter the color of your pants, shoes, or sweater, you will still look sharp with a white shirt on your back.

Black Shirt

Black shirts are a great closet addition for any sharp-looking gentleman. They just come with one important rule: you must never wear it with a tie. Not ever. Beyond that, black shirts are among the best color dress shirts for men because they look great under a gray suit. If you layer on the black and gray look with a few extra accessories—like a belt, brief case, and watch—you are sure to turn heads everywhere you go.

Red Plaid Shirts

Wear a red plaid shirt with tight pants and a slim tie—suddenly, you are the most stylish man in the room. Lots of men have clothing for dressy occasions and clothing for casual settings. A red plaid shirt is perfect for those in-between events when you need to look your best but do not want to over-dress.

Army Green Shirt

Army green shirts are a casual but masculine look. More rugged than dressy, these olive-colored shirts can be worn in the office or during other dressy settings, but you should leave them at home for weddings and most formal occasions. Make sure you do not wear a green army shirt with additional shades of green. It will start to become overwhelming.

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