Suit Rules Every Gentleman Should Follow

Suit Rules Every Gentleman Should Follow - SM

Since suits are usually considered formal clothing, you want to make sure that you wear them properly when attending special occasions. While anyone can wear a suit, it takes a little more to look like a respectable gentleman. To ensure you look your best, here are the suit rules every gentleman should follow.


Matching Belt and Shoes

If you wear a belt with your suit, always ensure that it matches the color of your shoes. This creates a balanced look that blends in nicely with the rest of the attire. In addition, a thinner belt is better than a large, chunky one that does not go with the elegance of the suit.


Unbutton Jacket Before You Sit

One of the most useful suit rules every gentleman should follow is unbuttoning the jacket before you sit. Sitting with a fastened jacket causes the suit to fold, wrinkle, and bulge. Over time, it can stretch and damage the suit, which is something you need to avoid, especially if it is tailored. To prevent this, just remember to unbutton your jacket before you sit on couches or chairs.


Leave the Last Button Unfastened

An easy rule to follow is to leave the last button of your suit undone. This creates an effortless, elegant, and classy look for any suit. If you choose to wear a vest, this rule applies to that as well.


Simple Accessories

A common mistake that many people make while wearing a suit is adding too many accessories. Too many flashy accessories do not look classy or gentlemanly, so it is best to avoid this. All you need are a few simple additions, such as a watch, cufflinks, or a simple chain that will go well with the suit.


Tailor the Suit

Another way to obtain a gentlemanly look is to tailor the suit to your body. There are plenty of bespoke suits in Boston, and you can always have your current suit tailored as well. By tailoring your suit, you are ensuring that it will fit well, feel comfortable, and that you will look your absolute best.