Look Your Best - How To Properly Wear a Suit

Look Your Best - How To Properly Wear a Suit - SM

A well-dressed man catches everyone’s attention when he walks into a room. The suit comes first, followed by the man. Despite the desire of men everywhere to have a superior suit, few know where to begin and are thus doomed to having low-quality attire. That’s where we come in. Take a look at this guide for how to properly wear a suit.

Get the Right Fit

It used to be that men often chose their suits depending on what they could do. Some may have just owned one special occasion suit, which he had tailored over and over. It didn’t matter to them if it fit well or had a cool look because they rarely wore it. Men’s suits have long been a normal element of most men’s wardrobes, but recently, suits have also been a mainstay in the everyday collections of many gentlemen. Suits are utilitarian, but they are also fashionable. Suit style and shape are dependent on your body type. A great suit can reflect a person’s identity, and a perfect fit enhances the message your clothes send about who you are. This is by far the most important component for how to properly wear a suit.

Button Properly

It’s unacceptable to wander around in a suit with the buttons undone. Button your clothing while standing. When you’re sitting, you should undo your jacket. It appears more genuine. You also won’t have to worry about pulling off a button on your jacket. You should be able to button your dress shirt at the collar if it fits properly. This clean and polished finish helps to accentuate style. If you can’t button your shirt’s top button, it is likely because your collar is too small.

Coordinate Colors

When you wear a suit, you should get shoes that look good with your suit rather than standing out from it. A dark suit and white shoes is always a bad combination. That’s way too much of a difference. Conversely, make sure your pocket square contrasts with your suit. Dark suits go with light colors, and light suits pair well with dark hues. One explanation for why you want your shoes to match but not your pocket square is because your suit and shoes should feel like one coherent piece, while your handkerchief is an accessory meant to draw people’s attention.

Now that you know how to properly wear a suit, it’s time to start collecting some of your own. Stop into Hive & Colony for custom menswear in San Jose and get even more tips from our expert staff!