How to Take Advantage of Tax-Free Weekend in Boston

How to Take Advantage of Tax-Free Weekend in Boston - SM

Last year, the legislature of Massachusetts voted established an annual sales tax holiday this weekend, August 17th and 18, 2019.


Retail items, including clothes, of up to $2,500 purchased in Massachusetts for personal use any time during these two days will be exempt from sales tax.


There is a caveat with clothing, however: under Massachusetts state law, an item of clothing is already tax exempt if it costs less than $175 (for instance, a Hive & Colony custom shirt), but should the price exceed that sum, then only the amount over $175 will be subject to sales tax.


According to an official statement, which can be found on the state's website: "If on the sales tax holiday, the price of an item of clothing exceeds $2,500, the first $175 is not subject to tax.”


It’s worth noting that the $2,500 limit only applies to the cost of each individual item. If you purchase several items under that amount and the total bill surpasses $2,500, you won’t have to pay sales tax.


Best of all, you can take advantage of the sales tax holiday by combining it with the 15% Fall 2019 sales currently going on right now at Hive & Colony stores, including our location in Boston, Massachusetts, located at 100 Huntington Avenue Level 2 in Copley Place.


Maximize your savings during the tax-free weekend in Boston by planning ahead. Before the anticipated weekend arrives, prepare a list of big-ticket items to purchase, as high-value purchases yield the most substantial savings. Don't forget to explore deals on electronics and appliances, as these are often the stars of the event. Moreover, leverage the Boston tax-free weekend to update your wardrobe. Clothing items, particularly those unaffected by the sales tax Boston clothing threshold, provide an excellent opportunity for economical shopping. Remember, preparing a budget will help you spend wisely and avoid impulse buys. 


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