Fashion Trends That Will Rule 2020

Fashion Trends That Will Rule 2020 - SM

It's a new year. A new decade. And now that we're done scrolling all the way down to 2010 on social media, it's time to look up to 2020 and its biggest trends in menswear.

The Skin-Baring Suit: gone is the shirt and the roll-neck sweater of last winter. Bare skin is the only accessory needed (preferably worn with an unbuttoned jacket). Probably the easiest and effortless trend to follow on this list: just ditch the shirt next time you don a suit, and revel in how hot you look, showing off your chest cleavage.

Stand-Alone Tailored Vests: vests are here - with or without the suit. And before you start unearthing your fedora to go with it - just don’t. It’s just the vest. Fedoras are still lame.

Men in Black: meticulously tailored suits, with white shirts and ultra-skinny ties .The office wear look - slim fit or baggy - has hijacked the menswear runways.

Think Pink: the signature shade of the season? Neon pink, whether on a double buttoned suit or with sportswear accents.

Monochrome: whether it's beige, off white or gray, the monochrome suit look is the epitome of quiet confidence.

Dramatic Shoulders: knowingly crafted sets of shoulders, built into blazers, jackets and coats like an armour. How else to battle below-zero temperatures?

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