Fall 2020 Fashion | Color Trends

Fall 2020 Fashion | Color Trends - SM

Summer is wrapping up and fall will be here soon. There’s no doubt that fashion-forward people already have their favorite fall colors and outfits lined up. The fall fashion color trends for 2020 will lean on the usual warm tones with a few surprises mixed in. If you are picking out bespoke shirts for autumn, consider sticking to soft materials and complement them with soft neutrals and a single bolder color. Pretty soon these colors will be everywhere, so have some fun, freshen up your wardrobe, and incorporate some of these striking colors.


Pops of bright color are already on the scene as the trend emerged before COVID hit. The bright blasts of color will help bring a sense of fun to a lockdown-weary populace. Designers like Ulla Johnson are featuring the color in their collections, and Pantone included a new color, Magenta Purple, in their 2020-21 palette.

Bright Orange

Fall is the time for orange, but this year the burnt oranges are giving way to bright orange. Pantone’s Amber Glow is a radiant autumnal orange that whispers fall yet is vibrant and gets attention. Designers are putting it in their fall/winter 2020 lineups as a small accent color or as the predominant hue in a piece.

Fiery Red

During New York Fashion Week back in February, primary colors made a spectacular comeback. As with orange, red is a staple of fall fashion color trends. This year, designers are going for bold, poppy reds. Paired with a fairly neutral color palette, a siren red is this season’s standout shade. Test the hue with a sweater or tee, and see if you don’t agree.


Yellow in all its glorious tones is dominating the fall color scene this season. Unexpected shades this fall include soft butter yellows and a sorbet-like yellow-orange. Designers showed many variations of yellow during Fashion Week in February, and while the hue isn’t a must-wear color, it definitely adds a mood booster to any look.

Electric Blue

Electric blue is emerging as one of the more popular hues this fall. The color was revealed during Fashion Week by New York label Monse. Royal blue is arguably one of the easiest shades to pull off, as it pairs well with both neutrals and punchy hues. Pair this livelier version with black for a fall-approved look, or be bold and pair it with a wild yellow or magenta.