A Quick Guide To Wedding Attire for Men

A Quick Guide To Wedding Attire for Men - SM

Going to a wedding is a prime opportunity for many men to bust out their favorite tailored suit to show off to their friends and family. But it’s important to remember that the wedding isn’t about you and should not center on your fashion choices. Here is a quick guide to wedding attire for men based on the formality of the event.

When going to a black-tie wedding, your choice of attire is simple: you must wear a tuxedo. It is best to stick with traditions at these events and not make any bold statements with your apparel or accessories. Stick with black or midnight blue for the tuxedo color, and remember that bow ties are often a requirement. Don’t do anything with your clothing that might upstage the wedding party. Further, the materials for your shoes should be limited to patent leather, leather, or velvet in an oxford or loafer style.

Only slightly less dressy than black-tie events are ones where formal wear is required. You can get away with wearing a dark or black suit, but tuxedos are still optional. Where black-tie events need bow ties, formal weddings have the option of wearing a necktie instead. Dress shoes are also acceptable at weddings that require formal dress.

Many weddings you go to are semi-formal, where the dress code is similar to one at a cocktail hour. Modern fashion standards are acceptable for semi-formal events, as is the option to be more relaxed, including the option to slip out of your necktie as the evening goes on.

A quick guide to wedding attire for men becomes complicated when talking about wearing “casual attire” to a wedding. While chinos or suit pants with a printed shirt and casual shoes should suffice in most situations, the term remains vague. Some people choose to bring along additional clothing options and base their selection on what other guests are wearing. If you do have any questions, contact the couple as soon as possible to clear up any confusion.
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