A Gentleman’s Guide To Winter Suits

A Gentleman’s Guide To Winter Suits - SM

Old man winter is on the way, bringing cold, ice, and the polar vortex with him. If the first nine months of 2020 are any indication, we should prepare for the worst this winter. It could be a long, frozen road for many. With the passing of Labor Day, it’s time to put away our soft linens and breezy beach clothes and get something warmer out of the closet.

Suit fabrics make all the difference when facing the cold sting of winter. There are more options with winter suits because there are more fabrics to choose from now that warmth equals comfort. Use this gentleman’s guide to winter suits to look your best this year.

What To Look For

Any clothier who tries to tell you that any suit is good for any climate is lying. You should just grab your money and go. A fabric that is light and breathable will make you miserable in the winter, and vice versa. Unless you live in a temperate climate, you should keep a selection of different suits for winter and summer. Depending on how cold it gets where you live, be sure to have a few half or fully-lined suit jackets. Lined jackets are warmer, wrinkle-resistant, and hold up to travel better than unlined ones. These factors will determine the suit’s ability to keep you warm.

Winter Suit Fabrics

A quality winter suit should be made from warmer, heavier, and thicker fabric that will keep you snug and toasty. Avoid lighter fabrics such as wool, seersucker, polyester, and chambray because they won’t keep you warm and are designed for the summer heat. Winter fabrics lend themselves to retaining the proper shape and structure of the suit, so wrinkling won’t be much of a problem.


Wool is still the most popular fabric for suits. It’s renowned for its beautiful drape, form, and versatility. It can be spun loose and breathable, or tight and warm. The popularity means it’s available in hundreds of colors and patterns to fit any taste.


No gentleman’s guide to winter suits is complete without a mention of the king of fabrics. The most luxurious and coveted of fabrics, cashmere is known for its soft texture, comfort, and warmth. A cashmere suit is the ultimate status symbol that will stand up well against the sting of winter.


Tweed is a timeless fabric that exudes class and sophistication. The fabric is made from wool that’s combined with three different colored yarns that are then twilled. The twill creates a distinctive pattern that’s unique to the fabric. Tweed is very durable and thick—perfect for long winter nights.


If you have love flannel pajamas, imagine having a suit made from flannel as well. Traditionally, flannel suits are for older gentlemen, but fashion-forward rogues are taking fashion risks these days. Flannel suits aren’t easy to find, so your best option is to have a bespoke men’s suit made from flannel.