5 Tips for Wearing a Pocket Square With Your Suit

5 Tips for Wearing a Pocket Square With Your Suit - SM

Wearing a suit is a powerful move that lets people know you care about yourself and the event you are assisting. Understanding that the way you dress and move is your first impression on others will make you more conscious of the outfit you choose.


These tips for wearing a pocket square with your suit will tell you how to properly wear one to avoid conflict with other patterns and textures. Details make a big difference, especially when you wear them right because they can enhance or damage a look.


Don’t Match It With Your Tie

Your tie and pocket square don’t need to be the same color to match; instead, use a pattern with different colors, including the color of your tie. Pocket squares are a statement piece that must stand out, and making them blend will make it seem like you’re trying to hide them or go unnoticed. Choose bright or clear colors that complement the color of your tie and contrast with the color of your suit. Understanding how to wear a pocket square with a suit will elevate your style and give a long-lasting impression. 


Pick a Style

You can choose from three main styles for a pocket square, depending on the situation or event and how comfortable you are with the size. The first is a conservative option, which only lets the edge of the square show, almost outlining your pocket.


Another option is the most popular one: a triangular shape that sticks about 3 inches out of your pocket. The third option is letting the pocket square hang from the pocket, showing patterns, colors, or images. Wearing a pocket square is the best way to elevate your look while showcasing your personality and unique style. 


Try White Pocket Squares

Learning how to wear a suit pocket square involves trying different styles to understand what works best for you. White pocket squares are a safe option to use with any suit to enhance its elegance, and it's one of the best tips for wearing a pocket square with your suit. Men originally used white pocket squares as handkerchiefs. This accessory evolved into a stylish accessory with images and colors that make a suit look complete. Custom suits in Boston and around the country greatly benefit from the addition of a white pocket square. 


Always Wear a Pocket Square

Suits, especially custom suits, provide elegance and comfort that you can enhance with a simple yet effective accessory. Pocket squares are not limited to certain situations; you can change the colors, shapes, and patterns to meet an event’s expectations and wear them proudly. You can wear this accessory even without a tie, given that they are two separate pieces that complement but don’t need each other.


Make It Exciting

Patterns are colors that work in different ways where you can match them even if they are not the same colors. Learning about different shades, color combinations, and contrasts will allow you to express your personality with simple details. Wearing a pocket square with your suit gives you the freedom to choose whatever makes your feel comfortable and like look your best.


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