3 Things Men Should Know About Wearing Suede Shoes

3 Things Men Should Know About Wearing Suede Shoes - SM

Fashion has different elements that will help you make a good first impression. Accessories are essential to elevating a look, and shoes are the main element you can rely on for functionality, style, and elegance.


Shoes come in different styles, shapes, sizes, and heights, immediately transforming your appearance. These three things that men should know about wearing suede shoes will guide you in making the best decision when choosing an outfit to wear.


When To Wear Suede Shoes

The most common color for suede shoes is brown, but you can also find them in black or bright colors, like red or yellow. Suede shoes have unique characteristics, so you must know what to pair them with to wear them correctly.


Learning when you should wear suede shoes is essential because this type of footwear does not work for every occasion. The best opportunity is in a casual environment because they attract attention; they look best with a casual-elegant look, like jeans with a jacket or khakis. Suede isn’t formal, so you must avoid wearing shoes of this type to job interviews, important meetings, or weddings. 


Suede With a Suit

Suede is a versatile material, but you must know how and when to wear suede shoes with a suit to style it correctly. To complement the shoes and make them look more elegant, pair them with a suede belt similar in color and metallic details to elevate your style. 


Specialized stores with custom-made suits will have the best suede shoe options. Only some shoe styles are appropriate, like pointed-toe shoes or oxford shoes. A bespoke tailor in NYC and other fashionable US states could help you match suede shoes and a suit correctly by choosing a fabric that complements the style and versatility of the shoes.


Maintenance Routine

Suede is a natural material made from animal skin, which requires special maintenance to avoid wear, dirt stains, and damage. If you want to wear suede shoes, you need to know how to keep them clean. They require constant protection to ensure the treated skin maintains its natural glow.


You have different options to clean your suede shoes. You can use a suede brush to remove dirt and mud; if wet, let it dry first and gently brush the material until clean. You can perform a more detailed cleaning with a specialized suede liquid cleaner. To do this, you must rub them with a wet cloth and spray them gently.

These three things you should know about wearing suede shoes will help you expand your dressing options and wardrobe so that you can feel confident at any event. Contact us today and visit one of our stores nationwide to learn more about expanding your options efficiently.