3 of the Best Fabrics for Your Custom Made Suit

3 of the Best Fabrics for Your Custom Made Suit - SM

Suits are the best presentation card a man can use when attending special events or simply wanting to make a statement. The artistry that goes into creating a suit reflects the passion of the designer, making it a special and unique piece.


Bespoke suits are the best way to enhance your physical qualities and make you feel your best with a comfortable and elegant outfit. These three fabrics for your custom made suit will give you valuable information when choosing the best option for you.



This material everyone loves has unique, natural properties that keep you fresh and warm. The texture of bamboo fabric is soft and provides versatility when creating unique pieces. With the help of starch and the right cuts, this material will make a memorable and elegant piece.


Bamboo goes through a softening process that makes it easy to work with, and the final product is always dependable. It is one of the most used modern materials for clothing; its long threads are averse to breaking and will last a long time with proper care.



Wool is another popular fabric that creates luxurious and unique suits. Wool threads are long, heavy, and sturdy. Wool is the perfect material for cold weather locations because it keeps you warm while looking elegant.


Wool is one of the top choices for suits because it has a unique personality and delivers a fashion statement. It is also possible to combine wool with other materials—such as elastane and some polyester—to create a lighter material with more flexibility.



Linen is a very light material that makes a perfect option for more casual and hot weather suits. This material has a flowy feel that you can barely notice touching your body. Linen comes from the fiber of flax plants, and with a sophisticated process, it can transform into a thin, sophisticated thread.


Now that you know the three best fabrics for your custom made suit, you can start shopping. If you’re looking for the best bespoke suits in NYC, look no further than Hive & Colony. By going with us, you’ll have a high-quality suit you love ready within four weeks.