3 Hottest Spring 2022 Men Fashion Trends

3 Hottest Spring 2022 Men Fashion Trends - SM

Want to look trendy and put-together as you emerge from the winter doldrums and step into the lovely and crisp spring season? You'll find that menswear trends are frequently based on broad concepts, making them readily accessible while allowing for individual interpretation. This year's spring styles are no exception. Continue reading to explore the three hottest spring 2022 men's fashion trends. 

Casual Formalwear

Suits used to be synonymous with stuffy offices and corporate settings. However, there's been a shift recently, as formal wear has become more relaxed and can now also be viewed as casual attire. While the classic look is still alive and well, you're no longer limited to certain occasions when you can wear a sleek and sophisticated suit.

This movement will continue throughout the spring, as the warm weather lends itself to fresh and easygoing two-piece suits. Nowadays, you're as likely to wear two-piece wear while lounging on the couch as you are in the office at your 9 to 5 or an extravagant wedding. 

Suit Separates

Men often dismiss separates as an extravagant and exclusive style choice. However, they are the best option for awkward situations where a full suit would be too much, but you don't want to resort to smart casual attire. Separates are any pieces of tailoring that aren't part of the same suit, such as blazers and trousers.

Wearing a mixture of colors keeps things more casual than a two-piece suit without veering into the realm of sport jackets and jeans. Of course, you'll need some finesse to pull this look off. Stick to basic menswear colors, maintain a darker tone for the coat, and don't overlook distinctive accessories. The end product will give you a fun look and be sophisticated without the perceived pretentiousness of some classic suit styles.

Keeping It Loose

Tight-fitting suits have been around as long as formalwear has. Throughout history, men have worn their suits narrow in the shoulders and tight at the waist, giving them a clenched appearance. However, this spring, it's all about keeping things loose and comfortable. 

Consider a suit that’s broader through the chest, across the shoulders, and in the pants. You can emulate the simplicity and boldness of legendary lookers like Frank Sinatra and Fred Astaire with this style.

Following the three hottest spring 2022 men's fashion trends will allow you to make a powerful impression in every room you enter without appearing overly effortful. You can find the best-looking bespoke suits online through Hive & Colony to ensure you're looking chic. Don't hesitate to reach out to us with any questions you may have.