3 Considerations Before Buying a Tailored Suit

3 Considerations Before Buying a Tailored Suit - SM

A tailored suit means that it will match your exact proportions. You'll get measured so that your new suit can be customized to better fit your arms, chest, stomach, and legs so that it wraps perfectly around your body and looks great. A proper cut on your suit will highlight every aspect, widen your shoulders, and trim your waist. However, there are three considerations before buying a tailored suit that you should know. 

Who Is Doing the Tailoring?

Among the most crucial things to consider when having custom suits made for you is who is doing the tailoring. Your tailored suit can only look good if the tailor designing it knows what they're doing.

You'll want to select a tailor that is familiar with bespoke suits and one who knows the look you're aiming for. When you find someone who understands what you're going for, you'll be on the same page regarding style and cut. This is especially helpful when ordering a tailored suit for the first time and you're unsure how all the elements should appear on the completed outfit.

Getting the Right Fabric

When buying a tailored suit, it's essential to identify the best fabric for you. You have many different options, including cashmere, silk, wool, cotton, velvet, and blended fabrics. For example, wool can be a great option if you're unsure of which fabric to choose. Wool is a material you can wear all year-round. 

Wool is a natural material, so suits made with it breathe easily. As a result, even if the temperature outside rises, you will remain fairly cool. However, it has also got excellent insulating properties to stay warm in colder climates. 

Make Sure the Fit Is Perfect

Your jacket and pants should fit perfectly when you put them on. The shoulder pads should finish at the shoulders, and your arms should fall straight down and long for a pleasing fit. Whenever your suit is bunched up and ill-fitting, it can give you an awkward-looking appearance.

Consider the fit of your pants as well. The waistband of your pants should be comfortable. A good rule of thumb is that while wearing the trousers, slide two fingers inside your waist to see if the trousers fit correctly.

When you keep these three considerations before buying a tailored suit in mind, you'll get the perfect fit that gives you a stylish appearance. Hive & Colony can create an ageless, thoughtful, and completely one-of-a-kind tailored suit for you using our extensive collection of quality materials and exquisite design aspects. 

We offer the best custom tailoring in Boston when you're ready to give yourself a chic, fresh look. Feel free to contact us with any questions about our bespoke clothing options.