3 Common Misconceptions About Tailored Suits

3 Common Misconceptions About Tailored Suits - SM

A well-fitted suit will always be one of the best options for various occasions. Buying a suit off the rack might be a good option when you need one ready to go quickly, but a custom-made, well-fitted tailored suit will feel like no other. These are three common misconceptions about tailored suits that aren’t true.

They Have the Same Quality

When you buy a suit off the rack, those suits are the results of mass production and standardized size. So if your body doesn’t meet those standards, you’ll have a hard time finding the right fit. The quality of a tailored suit goes beyond the norm because you receive one that perfectly fits your body’s measurements.

The quality of suits off the rack can be high depending on the materials. They could even last for many years when you take care of them well. The added value you get from a tailored suit is that perfect fit and quality because you’re a part of the creation process.

Even if you’re used to off-the-rack suits that fit you nicely, you’ll instantly feel the difference when putting on a tailored suit. Another benefit is that a professional can alter your tailored suits more easily than regular ones, even if your body changes. This is because measurements tell what parts of your body could change and need more or less fabric in the future.

Bespoke Tailoring Only Affects the Fit

A tailored suit has many options for construction, which brings us to bespoke tailoring. Contrary to what some people may think, getting a tailored suit doesn’t just mean that it will fit you perfectly everywhere. It also means that you get to choose and add any alterations that you want to see in the suit. For example, you can select different fabrics, colors, and details for it. Hive & Colony’s bespoke tailors in Boston can ensure that you get the specifications you want.

A Tailored Suit Is Uncomfortable

Think of a tailored suit like a glove that perfectly fits your hand; the fabric and cut of the glove will make it feel like you aren’t wearing one. A tailored and fitted suit won’t be uncomfortably tight around your body. On the contrary, it will accentuate and relieve pressure from areas where you normally feel tightness.

All body shapes are different, but the measurements for standard off-the-rack suits are not. Those come mostly in basic sizes. Tailors are experts of their craft and know that even a single inch could make a huge difference in the right places.

The three common misconceptions about tailored suits can keep people from feeling and looking their best. But now you know that they’re untrue. Something as important and necessary as a tailored suit will provide years of comfort and elegance that will only bring excitement and uniqueness.